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Stream Systems Customer List
Last Updated on Sept 2013

AK -Anchorage -Crime Lab
AK -Anchorage -USFW
AK -Anchorage -USFW:05-12-09
AK -Anchorage -USFW:605 West 4th St
AK -Anchorage -USFW:605 West 4th St:09012011
AK -Anchorage -USFW:605 West 4th St:11142008
AK -Cold Bay -USFW
AK -Dillingham -USFW
AK -Fairbanks -Arctic National Wildlife
AK -Fairbanks -Arctic National Wildlife:04212008
AK -Fairbanks -Yukon Flats NWR
AK -King Salmon -USFW
AK -Kodiak -NWR
AK -Palmer -Dept of Fish and Game
AK -Soldotna -Kenai NWR
AL -Eufaula -USFW
AL -Eufaula -USFW:12132006
AL -Millbrook -USFW
AR -Crossett -USFW
AR -Little Rock -Game and Fish
AR -Little Rock -Game and Fish:G-22673
AR -Little Rock -Game and Fish:G22685
AR -Mayflower -AGFC Training Center
AR -Van Buren -Game and Fish
AR -White River -USWF
Arizona -Parker -Bill Williams River NWR
Australia -Darwin -Fish & Outdoor World
Australia -Hobart -Primary Industries
Australia -Hobart -Primary Industries:11-01-2004
Australia -Hobart -Primary Industries:3-10-2005
Australia -Howard Springs -Gunsmiths Shop
Australia -Kensington -Dept of Envir
Australia -Melbourne -DNR
Australia -Mount Gambier -DE&H
Australia -Palmerston- Parks & Wildlife
Australia -Victoria -Parks Victoria
Australia -Victoria, Horsham -DNR
Australia -Wangaratta -Parks Victoria
AZ -Kingman -Game and Fish
AZ -Mesa -USFW
AZ -Parker -Bill Williams River NWR
AZ -Parker -Havasu NWR
AZ -Pinetop -Game and Fish
AZ -Yuma -Game & Fish
AZ -Yuma -Game and Fish
AZ -Yuma -Game and Fish:KOFA NWR
AZ -Yuma -Game and Fish:SPA011217
AZ -Yuma -Game and Fish:SPA237715
CA -Alturas -Modoc NWR
CA -Bakersfield -BLM
CA -Calipatria -Salton Sea NWR
CA -Coalinga -Dept Fish Game
CA -Delano -USFW
CA -El Centro -Dept Fish Game
CA -Fort Hunter Liggett -US ARMY
CA -Fremont -USFW
CA -Fremont -USFW:11262007
CA -Loleta -Humboldt Bay NWR
CA -Los Banos -USFW
CA -Merced -Merced Fly Fishing
CA -Mt. Shasta -Dept Fish Game
CA -Napa -Dept Fish Game
CA -Needles -USFW
CA -Rancho Cordova -Dept Fish & Game
CA -Rancho Cordova -Dept Fish & Game:2RG13345
CA -Rancho Cordova -Dept Fish & Game:CD22-1651
CA -Redding -Dept of Fish and Game
CA -Sacramento -Dept of Fish and Game
CA -Sacramento -USFW
CA -Torrance -USFW
CA -Tulelake -USFW
CA -Willows -Sacramento NWR
CA -Willows -USFW -Sacramento NWR
Canada -AB, Calgary -EC
Canada -AB, Edmonton -EC
Canada -AB, Edmonton -Royal CMP
Canada -AB, Lethbridge -College
Canada -BC, N. Vancouver -EC
Canada -BC, Terrace -BC Environment
Canada -BC, Vancouver -EC
Canada -BC, Vancouver -EC:10022009
Canada -BC, Vancouver -RCMP Fornesic Lab
Canada -BC, Vanderhoof -BC Environment
Canada -MB -DNR -Winnipeg
Canada -MB, Brandon -DNR
Canada -MB, Dauphi -Dept of Conser
Canada -MB, Dauphin -DNR
Canada -MB, Gimli -DNR
Canada -MB, Lac Du Bonnet -DNR
Canada -MB, Selkirk -DNR
Canada -MB, Winnipeg -Dept of Cons
Canada -MB, Winnipeg -Dept of Cons:3192008
Canada -MB, Winnipeg -DNR
Canada -MB, Winnipeg -Enviroment Canada
Canada -MB, Winnipeg -Environment Canada
Canada -MB, Winnipeg -Forensic Lab
Canada -MB, Winnipegosis -Dept of Conserv
Canada -NB, Darthmouth -Wildlife Service
Canada -NB, Sackville -Wildlife Service
Canada -NF, St. John's -Dept of Forest
Canada -NL -St. John's -Paddys Pond
Canada -NL, Mt. Pearl -Environ Canada
Canada -NL, Port Saunders -DNR
Canada -NS, Darmouth -BC Environment
Canada -NS, Darmouth -EC
Canada -NS, Darmouth -EC:KW20351688
Canada -NT -Yellowknife
Canada -NT, Fort Smith -EC
Canada -ON -Owen Sound
Canada -ON -Peterborough -MNR
Canada -ON -South Porcupine -OMNR
Canada -ON -University of Guelph
Canada -ON, Atikokan -MNR
Canada -ON, Burlington -EC
Canada -ON, Chatham -MNR
Canada -ON, Clinton -MNR
Canada -ON, Cochrane -MNR
Canada -ON, Fort Francis
Canada -ON, Guelph -EC
Canada -ON, Guelph -Wildlife Service -
Canada -ON, Guelph -Wildlife Services
Canada -ON, Honey Harbor -Natl Park
Canada -ON, Kenora -MNR
Canada -ON, Kirkland -MNR
Canada -ON, Kirkland -MNR:3217
Canada -ON, Midhurst -MNR
Canada -ON, Minden -MNR
Canada -ON, Minden -MNR:092409
Canada -ON, Parry Sound -MNR
Canada -ON, Parry Sound -MNR:06142011
Canada -ON, Parry Sound -MNR(2)
Canada -QC -Gaspe -Protection de la Faune
Canada -QC, Charlesbourg -EC
Canada -QC, Charlesbourg -EC:return check
Canada -QC, Montreal -EC
Canada -Quebec, Havre-St. -Parks Canada
Canada -Quebec, Hull -EC
Canada -Quebec, Hull -EC:Vincent Massey
Canada -Quebec, Jonquiere Govt du Quebec
Canada -Quebec, Sorel -Minsty. De L'Envo
Canada -Quebec, St. Foy -EC
Canada -Quebec, St. Marie Govt. du quebe
Canada -Quebec, Tadoussac Govt. du Canad
Canada -SK, Fort Qu'Appelle -EC
Canada -SK, Prince Albert -Envir. & Res
Canada -SK, Saskatoon -EC
Canada -SK, Saskatoon -EC:08082013
Canada -SK, Saskatoon -EC:092005
Canada -SK, Saskatoon -EC:112304
Canada -SK, Saskatoon -EC:762994
Canada -SK, Saskatoon -EC:799786
Canada -SK, Saskatoon -EC:Saskatoon 080508
Canada -SK, Swift Current -Envir. & Res
Canada -SK, Wadena -EC
CO -Alamosa -USFW
CO -Alamosa -USFW:090208
CO -Brush -Div of Wildlife
CO -Creston -USFW
CO -Denver -Div. of Wildlife
CO -Denver -USFW
CO -Fort Carson -US Army
CO -Fort Collins -Div. of Wildlife
CO -Grand Junction -Div. of Wildlife
CO -Greeley- Div of Wildlife
CO -Lakewood -USFW
CO -Lakewood -USFW:645109M038
CO -Lakewood, CO -USFW
CO -Lamar -Division of Wildlife
CO -Loveland -Div. of Wildlife
CO -Monte Vista -Dept of Wildlife
CO -Pueblo -Div. of Wildlife
CO -Waldon -Arapaho NWR
CT -Enfield -Fish and Wildlife
CT -Hartford -Dept Env. Protection
CT -Hartford -Dept Env. Protection:1-12-06
DE -Dover -Div of Fish and Game
DE -Dover -Fish and Wildlife
DE -Smyrna -Delaware Fish & Wildlife
DE -Smyrna -USFW
FL -Boynton Beach -USFW
GA -Atlanta -USFW
GA -Brunswick -USFW
GA -Calhoun -DNR
GA -Gainesville -DNR
GA -Glynco - Federal Training Center
GA -Glynco - Federal Training Center:06142011
GA -Thomson -DNR
IA -Ankeny -DCI Crime Lab
IA -Prairie City -Neal Smith NWR
IA -Wapello -USFW
ID -Boise -Fish and Game Dept
ID -Boise -USFW
ID -Bonners Ferry -Kootenai NWR
ID -Coeur d'Alene -USFW
ID -Edinburg -DNR
ID -Grays Lake NWR -USFW
ID -Loogootee
ID -Minidoka NWR -USFW
ID -Nampa -Dept of Fish and Game
ID -Nampa -USFWS Deer Flat
ID -Salt Plains NWR -USFW
ID -Wadevilles -DNR
IL -Marion -USFW
IL -Morris -Dept of Natural Resources
IL -Naperville -Naperville Park District
IL -Thomson -Mississippi River Refuge
IL -Thomson -Mississippi River Refuge:51305
Italy -Guardie Ecologiche -San Zaccaria
KS -Chanute -Dept of Wildlife
KS -Chanute -Dept of Wildlife:2278
KS -Derby Kansas -USFW
KS -Dodge City -Dept of Wildlife
KS -Hartford -Flint Hill NWR
KS -Hartford -Flint Hill NWR:51005
KS -Hartford -USFW
KS -Kirwin -Department of Wildlife
KS -McPherson -Wildlife and Parks
KS -Pleasanton -Dept of Wildlife
KS -Pratt -Department of Wildlife
KS -Pretty Prairie -Dept of Wildlife
KS -Wichita -Dept of wildlife
KY -Frankfort -Fish and Wildlife
LA -Farmerville -North LA Refuges
LA -Farmerville -North LA Refuges:14884265199M171
LA -Jonesville -USFW
LA -Jonesville -USFW:52206
LA -Lake Arthur -Lacassine NWR
MA -Hadley -USFW
MA -Hanover -Police Department
MA -Newburyport -USFW
MA -Sudbury -USFW
MD -Aberdeen -USAMC
MD -Aberdeen -USAMC:DAAD05-A-0001
MD -Annapolis -DNR
MD -Cambridge -USFW
MD -Cambridge -USFW:12182009
MD -Laurel -USFW
MD -Stevensville -Natl. Resources Police
ME -Aroostook NWR -USFW
ME -August -Fisheries and Wildlife
ME -August -Fisheries and Wildlife:102505
ME -Milbridge -USFW
ME -Wells -USFW
MI -Lansing -DNR
MI -Lansing, MI -DNR
MI -Livonia -DNR
MI -Newberry -DNR
MI -Plainwell -DNR
MN -Anoka -Federal Cartridge Co
MN -Bloomington -Valley NWR
MN -Fort Snelling -USFW
MN -Litchfield -USFW
MN -Litchfield -USFW:04282008
MN -St. Pau l-DNR
MN -St. Pau l-DNR:Baudette
MN -St. Pau l-DNR:Baudette:Baudette
MN -St. Pau l-DNR:Bemidji
MN -St. Paul -USFW
MN -Tamarac -USFW
MN -Winona -Upper Miss NWR
MO -Dept of Conservation -Jefferson
MO -Dept of Conservation -Jefferson:102396SPR
MO -Dept of Conservation -Jefferson:Cape Girardeau
MO -Dept of Conservation -Jefferson:Cape Girardeau:092507
MO -Dept of Conservation -Jefferson:Clinton
MO -Kirksville -Dept of Conser
MO -Kirksville -Dept of Conser:11082007
MO -Kirksville -Dept of Conser:785-2420
MO -Puxico -USFW
MO -St Joseph -Dept of Conserv
MS -Brooksville -Noxubee NWR
MS -Canton -Central Region Office
MS -Gautier -USFW
MS -Grenada -USFW
MS -Hollcomb -Dept of Fish and Wildlife
MS -Jackson-Dept of Wildlife & Fisheries
MS -Lexington -USFW
MS -Morgan Brake -NWR
MS -Sibley -St. Catherine Creek NWR
MS -Tupelo -MDWFP North Region
MS -Vicksburg -Warren County Game & Fish
MT -Benton Lake NWR -USFW
MT -Billings -Fish Wildlife and Parks
MT -Glasgow -Fish and Wildlife
MT -Medicine Lake -USFW
MT -Stevensville -USFW
NC -Mantel -USFW
NC -Manteo -Alligator River NWR
NC -New Bern -Coastal Outdoor Outfitters
NC -Raleigh -Wild Resources Comm
NC -Swan Quarter -USFW
ND -Berthold -NWR Upper Souris
ND -Bismarck -USFW
ND -Bismarck -USFW:06062011
ND -Chase Lake -USFW
ND -Crosby -USFW
ND -Devils Lake -USFW
ND -Kenmar -Lostwood NWR
ND -Kulm -USFW
ND -Pingree -USFW
NE -Boyer Chute NWR -USFW
NE -Funk -USFW
NE -Funk -USFW:Rainwater Basin
NE -Norfolk -Game and Fish
New Zealand -Ngauranga -Fish and Game
NJ -Barnegat -USFW
NJ -Great Swamp Refuge -USFW
NJ -Hart -USFW
NJ -Oceanville -Forfyth NWR
NJ -Oceanville -NWR
NJ -Sussex -Wallkill NWR
NM -Albuquerque -Game And Fish
NM -Albuquerque -USFW
NM -Albuquerque, NM -USFW
NM -Las Vegas -Dept. Game and Fish
NM -Las Vegas -USFW
NV -Ash Medows -USFW
NV -Fallon -USFW
NV -Las Vegas -USFW
NV -Reno -Dept of Wildlife
NV -Stillwater -USFW
NY -Iroquois -USFW
NY -Iroquois -USFW:5254070083
NY -Scottsburg -Private Party
NY -Shirley -USFW
NYS -Delmar -Dept of Environ. Conser
NYS -Ray Brook -Dept. of Conser
OH -Columbas -Division of Wildlife
OH -Columbas -Division of Wildlife:P70301
OH -Thornville -DRN-Wildlife District
OH -Xenia -Division of Wildlife
OH -Xenia -Division of Wildlife:082206
OK -Broken Bow -Little River NWR
OK -Butler -Washita NWR
OK -Durant -USFW
OK -Salt Plains NWR -Jet
OK -Tishomingo -USFW
OK -Vain -Sequoyah NWR
ON -Uxbridge -Kent Cartridge Canada
ON -Uxbridge -Kent Cartridge Canada:Ian Rogers
OR -La Grande -Ladd Marsh
OR -Oregon State Police -Salem
OR -Portland -Dept of Wildlife
OR -Portland -Dept of Wildlife:Central Point
OR -Portland -Dept of Wildlife:Sauvie Island Wildlife
OR -Portland -Dept of Wildlife:Summer lake
OR -Portland -USFW
OR -Portland -USFW:08-05-04
OR -Portland -USFW:14481920098m031
OR -Salem -Mud slough Duck
Oregon -Klamath Marsh -USFW
PA -Albion -Nice Shot Inc.
PA -Conneaut Lake -Game Commission
PA -Guys -Erie NWR
PA -Harrisburg -USFW
SC -Columbia -DNR
SC -Columbia -DNR:04000811
SC -Laurens -DNR
SC -Rock Hill -DNR
SC -Rock Hill -DNR:7122006
SC -Summerton -Santee USFW
SC -Summerton -Santee USFW:03042010
SD -Columbia -Sand Lake NWR
SD -Columbia -Sand Lake USFW
SD -Fort Pierre -Game and Fish
SD -Huron -USFW
SD -Lake Andes -USFW
SD -Lake Andes -USFW:81706
SD -Madison -USFW
SD -Martin -Lacreek NWR
SD -Pierre -Game Fish and Parks
SD -Pierre -Game Fish and Parks:98edt93367
SD -Rapid City -Game, Fish & Parks
SD -Sioux Falls -SD Game and Fish
SD -Waubay -USFW
TN -Columbia -Wildlife Res
TN -Crossville -Wildlife Resources
TN -Dyersburg -USFW
TN -Dyersburg -USFW:082506
TN -Jackson -Wildlife Resources Agen.
TN -Jackson -Wildlife Resources Agen.:9014235725
TN -Jackson -Wildlife Resources Agency
TN -Nashville -Wildlife Resources
TN -Parris -Tenn NWR
TX -Alamo -Santa Ana WR
TX -Anahuac -USFW
TX -Angleton -Brazoria NWR
TX -Angleton -Brazoria NWR:01292010
TX -Angleton -Brazoria NWR:08192009
TX -Angleton -Brazoria NWR:9012006
TX -Bridge City -TPWD
TX -El Campo -TPWD
TX -Hamilton -Texas Parks and Wildlife
TX -Houston -Parks and Wildlife
TX -Karnack -USFW
TX -Liberty Texas -USFW
TX -Los Fresnos -USFW
TX -Sherman -USFW
TX -Temple -Texas Parks and Wildlife
TX -Temple -Texas Parks and Wildlife:03202006
TX -Temple -Texas Parks and Wildlife:10252010
TX -Victoria -Texas Parks and Wildlife
TX -Victoria -Texas Parks and Wildlife:102505
TX -Victoria -Texas Parks and Wildlife:8122005
United Kingdom -Mere Brow -Richmond Kenne
UT -Brigham City -Bear River
UT -Bringham -USFW Bear River
UT -Bringham -USFW Bear River:Bear River Migration
UT -Kirmin -Bear River Refuge
UT -Ogden -Div. of Wildlife
UT -Salt Lake City -Dept of Natural Res
UT -Torrey -USFW
UT -Vernal -Wildlife Resources
VA -Chincoteague -USFW
Va -Eastern Virginia Rivers -USFW
VA -Richmond -Dept of Game
VA -Richmond -Dept of Game:83800351
VA -Richmond -Dept of Game:83800351:EP173361
VA -Suffolk -USFW
VA -Woodbridge -USFW
VT -Swanton -Missisquoi NWR
VT -Willistion -Fish and Wildlife
WA -Bellingham -Dept of Fish & Wildlife
WA -Burbank -USFW
WA -Colfax -DFW
WA -Colville -USFW
WA -Couperville -Fish and Wildlife
WA -Couperville -Fish and Wildlife:INV297
WA -Ephrata -Dept of Fish and Game
WA -Ferndale -Lake Terrell Refuge
WA -Fort Lewis -US ARMY
WA -Moss lake -DFW
WA -Mt. Vernon-Dept of Fish and Wildlife
WA -Olympia-Dept of Fish and Wildlife
WA -Olympia -USFW
WA -Othello -USFW
WA -Richland -Columbia River NWRC
WA -Ridgefield -NWRC
WA -West Richland -USFW
WI -DNR -Fitchburg
WI -DNR -Green Bay
WI -DNR -Milwaukee
WI -DNR -Plymouth
WI -DNR -Sturtevant
WI -DNR -Wautoma
WI -DNR -West Central Region -Marathon
WI -DRN -Horicon
WI -DRN -Horicon:091213
WI -Marathon -Dept of Fish and Game
WI -Portage -USFW
WV -Davis -USFW
WV -Parkersburg -Ohio River Islands
WY -Casper -Game and Fish
WY -Casper -Game and Fish:08242007
WY -Chyanne -Game and Fish
WY -Green River -Seedskadee USFW
WY -Torrington -Game and Fish